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~^fiofe^i\/ OF 04^(A'''^c^^ /Ijld/f ii.^^s 

Eva B. Dykes Library 
Ok-A'ood University 
I 7000 Adventist Blvd. 
HuntsviSis AL 35896 



FOUNDED 18^)6 








90 ^'*^ 



..t^ p\jeTi NeeB HC^*^ 



^. PQ 









Disclaimer. ... 

This book is meant to be an 
expression of who we are. It's 
not the normal yearbook with 
tons of collages and articles. 
It is simply an expression of 
our inward, outward, and 
creative ideas. Do not expect 
to he bombarded with hundreds- • 
ox u Qin^s x»o xoorL St u ® ii SI rce 
your time. Relax. Eiet your 

AiiinK aDout Where you were 
when something in particular 
happened. Wonder where a shot 
was taken. Agree or disagree 
with the opinions shared. Like 
or dislike the art displayed. 
Just be you... Enjoy! 

^ n^ X J. €» 

• • • 8-2tt 

CiL&l**I> f • • • 1 



. .58-99 

t 20- 149 

150-217. . . 

' ill ■ yfl^^ 








° ^ 
















^^ >x J 


J '<'///' ('" fr/wr'/'f/ ' y/rffA'//'A. 

r/r/^ry /f' ,ir/y r'/ A^rr /mf-// rrvr^'/.i /r yrr/ ^'Ur m^f/r/y /r/^' /'m ,y/f/rA///y. 

,/f/.M// ^o/</.y /ya/y^ rY'Mir/'u^j'fif//'/ /"/ A/t".y.iYMy f/Yu/^/u ^''Y^Y'/rAYY/y fY^Y'j'YifiMr^' /r- /'/'//■//f^/f/M 
////// /.i/ry /i^' ///Y' /M.i//Ar//<'M //y// rrr' /y/yY' /<>/YY//ry' ,/</ y/uYMy y/YY/'.i. Y'(//Yi .y </rr<y/t^Y///Y ///*/// 

.Yf/r///.i^Y//(" fr//A f/ >v/.V <'/ j//'',yA//yYYY ('//<' r'/ //y ///YY/y4 //v-" m/jifY/ /y/^'.)/ f/>a.y /y^/y/y y/Z/y /r- ^^/y 

yrYY/-/y^' /r yr/^, //y .y/uY/yY//.y, ry^YY' rrY' /y/Y/Yfr' ^'//<>' /jY/Y/j///yY/. 

, '■■/.) //r /rY/- /m/ <YYY' //</</,y/y/Y//'.y //r .Uy /Ay'/rYr</y///AYMr/r/-C^yff/Y// r/Y/rry^YY^ ^'/r<y////r/j 

/yf'. 7'(<' frfi/tt/ ///YY/yA /y/ryy/y /y)!/'/fi,y/r//Y.y: /Ay yy/y/Y' /jY/y/ v (^ A- v //, Mff/' /ff/A////y4 /r- /vw/r//^ 

<'r/mA<>u4f' .y/r<mY//,y, /uYr <Y/uYYr/f<Y^Y//AYYyrr'ryM.y, rr//j/yY/.y //y/AjYY'fimfi-M/^ //<// w<//y' (f ^//Y/YY-f/r/ 

/r/Y^y /^vT/'W'/r,;, jMr/y?-/' /f/Y^YAjYr/.y/y/y/jYyer/^y, JM/'/'r^ .yr/YY</j'.y/Y^ /j/YYifiy /f' r/ii^i/ j^/umYi/j ^/yir/f-/ 

rfY^y'.if' ///Y' /r/y/ <yM</^Y/Y>/r//YMy <u-/r/Y//<'.y uy/////y .y/f/Y/fY//.y <rytf</.y/</yr. 

■YffYr^YYY'. /Ar' Mf-.y/ f^Y//.iA/Mf//My ^/rA/r/YY/z^Y// /.y Ar/.im/j< ^Y^'f/uYm/y, jY'Ay/u//^A^j <///r//A^ 

rfYj/Yy/////^r/i>/ A' yy/A;,;/Ay/ //<// (C r//u.Y'YY/ jY^JY^iyfi//./.y. yfr' /jifir/4/fj'fi /Ae /Jifi///Y'/'fY>4 ry//^ /JurMy 

.y/ff/AYi/^ fy)/t/' A//yY' /'//Ay^<AY/</Mr//Ar' yy/rYY' /Ar/// ^'.(Jt^t^ rrAr' yjY/Y/urfA^/rA/rr'/ty rf/j' A/fz/r^ <// 

V Yf. . /A^.y^' (^ r/AY/YY'r/ , /Ay/ r/Mf/ yfr/M^Y/ <//Y.^/>fi</r//AjYYfyAYYf//A^ //Yf/ez/f rzy/f/ff/'rA'/ 
(f' /Yjyrz'AYJY' /r<' r</// .Ur A<Yr /Ay v yA /Y.yA/<: A jYAr/jYAy AYm/^-y^ f'/i Sej^/'/cfi Ar- fVJ"//»y///'/' 

A/r/j/rz/zr/y, /,) ///<///// y r/ fA^fYY/ir^. y(f/A/YzAyuY4/A//, AAy> d/r/fAY/Aj r/v rArr/ffAf/fr j'fA'/A/f-M^/yi.i 

</j/rA////i^YY/r/AY/.i rr/AA AAyy// JYAjY',ifY// <^z A/yAAyAA <'/rYfj< y^r/j'j r/AV r/AfrrrYA 

, Oo .y yAy/ y///r yrrA/A' rz/(( <zAe/YYYA -A A'Ae'^/'^ /// AAy ^ f'j(r^ ry ,^yY'f>ffA/frfi AAr/A yu/'rAj 

V </AYrrYYAfo/f'A/AY.U' rrA<' myr^A ^Aj^fsAr/J AAyAj' -Xrj^fAr//ifA,Mfer<r. ,'JAA</f'f ^///r/'M^firAjir^ 
/A/z/-l/rrAr/YAAAY/<A('t'/AY/YYYA/MAr' </ AjYyAA<Y' yuAffJY, r/'fiM </ii ,'4^f Ar/rAArAf/j fY'er /Ar rr^f/r^r fV 
/Y/J'y^r/j/A/yArjy. \ 

' A'rr /Arz/. r/^/rAyr/' yr/f, .Ar/jau y/y/yA,/ f/JY' Mffj/y/'r/A/yf/A 


A rjy jn/rrjYYy r/y/rA ^ OrfAAA^j, Jl 



Dear Oakwood University Students, 

I greet you in the Name that is above every other name! Blessings to you and 
may health and peace be yours in the coming years! It is my pleasure to wish 
you all the best as our 2010-201 1 school year closes. Congratulations on the 
production of another Oakwood yearbook. Your yearbook editor, sponsor, and 
the editorial team have worked overtime to bring you this quality product. This 
publication will forever memorialize friends and members of the Oakwood 

To our graduating seniors and graduate students, you have come to the end of 
your Oakwood journey, but nowhere near the end of your Oakwood experience. 
As you leave our hallowed halls, please take with you all the memories made, all 
the friendships developed, and all the moments shared with classmates You are 
now joining an Oakwood Alumni family that spans more than 100 years. That 
same family also stretches around the globe. Thus, wherever you go, you will be 
received as a distinguished alumnus of Oakwood University. While you will be 
missed on campus, please stay in touch. We want to know how and what you are 

For the graduate students, juniors, sophomores, and freshman who will 
continue with us~remember that you still make a difference in our community. 
The 2010-201 1 school year comes to a close for you, but during the summers, 
please continue to advance yourself academically. I would like to remind all of 
our students that we live/work in a globally competitive environment. Global 
communication has reduced our world to a very small stadium. My prayer for 
you is that you will keep your edge by continuing to hone your skills to be 
victorious in the next phase of the race. ^^^^^^m 

To each of our students, I wish you all the success in the world as this school 
year closes. One of my favorite quotes is the following: "Your schooling may be 
over, but remember that your education continues." My prayer is that your 
continuing education will carry you across this life well into the life to come! 


Leslie N. Pollard, Ph.D., D.Min., MBA 
President, Oakwood University 

Religous Eiife 










There ' s 




Inspiration to get you through 
the rest of vour day. 



Once, my sophomore year sometime near the 
"beginning, when I was overwhelmed and had run 
up on some kind of brick wall, I talked to 
dod, in my mind-between classes-like this: Am 
I the only one. Lord? Are you really going to 
do this? My problem is a big deal! Also 
between classes, I stopped by the chapel at 
Carter Hall for Power Hour. (Of course, this 
was after my lunch, and after what I had said 
to G-od. ) To start, we prayed, and then, "Does 
anybody have a testimony?" Mercy, One after 
another, students with issues magnified our 
God for what He had done- for miracles He had 
done-even when He hadn't done them for real 
yet, for a couple of them. I absorbed ^m 
everything that day; I was so encouraged 
about my problem. I was rebuked, too. Yeah, 
definitely a growth spurt. The songs, the 
prayers, the sermon- the Spirit-spoke to my 
soul about trust in Jesus. I've kept going 
back since then. I love Power Hour; that is, 
'I love how I can gather in the name of my 
Father, with my friends, and talk about His 
goodness, and sing about it, and learn about 
it; I love the atmosphere of surrender to my 
Savior; I love the thrill of sitting next to 
someone who takes their stand for God. It 
makes me want more and more of God's 

presence-His person. His power. — 

-Joy Norman 

nc8 Hump Day roles around a student 
finds himself inadequately equipped to oope 
with the unyielding demands of the week. He 
looks forward to Thursday and Friday, but 
they seem to offer little reprieve. He 
needs to hear that he oan make it, "but 
affirming words from family and friends do 
not carry him far. He needs words that are 
packed with more assurance, words that 
come from the mouth of dod. This student 
knows that he will find the solace he needs 
at Wednesday night prayer meeting. The 
pastoral staff, at the Oakwood University 
Church, has placed a renewed emphasis on 
prayer. The student knows that at prayer 
meeting he will be allotted time to commune 
with the One he so desperately needs to 
hear from. As he kneels with his head bowed 
on the church pew, he knows that he is 
surrounded, too, by fellow students who 
share his need. These students know that 
prayer meeting is, and will continue to be, 
a place where their need for assurance is 
met simply because time is spent in fervent 

-Alexandra S. Arnold 

s?^:' '^^ 


On Friday nights students all across the country prepare for the most 
anticipated event of the week. Lights simultaneously shine on the fields 
of stadiums. But here at Oakwood University lights shine on a different 
stage. They do not shine on players and spectators of an 100,000 seat 
stadium. They shine on students who actively participate, not in a game, 
but in a service of worship and praise.Though our arena can only 
accommodate 2,000, everyone is seated comfortably not on a hard 
bleacher, but on a soft pew. The crowd cheers not for a touchdown but for 
a turnover of hearts. For us it is not a game, but an AY service that 
makes us turn on our Friday night lights. 

-Alexandra E. Arnold & Chinyere English 


"For where two or t 
come together in my nam' 
there am I with them. " 

Matthew 18:20 NIV 


They live under 
bridges. They are in 
jail. They got injured 
and lost their jobs. 
Their parents died. 
They are recovering 
drug addicts. They are 
unable to read. They 
eat whatever they 
manage to put together. 
They are looked down or 
by many. 

Who are they? They are 
people for whom Christ 
died. They are 
someone's brother. They 
are someone's sister. 
They are someone's 
mother. They are 
someone's father. They 
are someone's son. They 
are someone ' s daughter . 

Why do they matter; , 
because, they are a 
part of us. They are a 
part of the human 
family, people for whom 
Jesus Christ died. They 

matter because Our 
Heavenly Father tells 
us to love each other. 
We are not above 
anyone. They matter 
because we matter, and 
they are a part of us. 
We reach out to them 
because grace has 
reached us ! 
-Smeka Buf fong 

be spifitucii- is4iot an acti 
but -a State of being 

"For Christ did not send 

me to baptize, but to 

preach the gospel--not 

with words of human 

wisdom, lest the cross of 

Christ be emptied of its 

power. For the message of 

the cross is foolishness to 

those who are perishing, 

but to us who are being 

saved it is the power of 


(1 Cohnthians 1:17-1 

"This is the 

confidence we have 

in approaching God: 

that if we ask 

anything according to 

his will, he hears us. 

And if we know that 

he hears us whatever 

we ask we know that 

we have what we 

asked of him" 

(1 John 5:14-15) 



But Moses said to the 

Lord "Oh my Lord I an 

not eloquent either in the 

past or since you have 

spoken to your servant 

but I am slow of speech 

and of tongue Then the 

Lord said to him Who 

has made man s mouth'^ 

Who makes him mute or 

deaf or seeing or blind'^ 

Is It not I the Lord'' Now 

therefore go and I will be 

with your mouth and teach 

you what you shall speak 

(Exodus 4 10 12) 

-' '' jZ " ft ^ ■? f t 

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselvi 
and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, th( 
will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal thf 
land." (2 Chronicles 7:1 

' ^ « I j^^ 

the //orrj of Christ dwell 
you richly as you teach 
and admonish one another 
with all wisdom ^nd as you 
sing psalms, hv"^ ns and 
spiritual songs «uh gratitude 
in your hearts to God." 
(Colossians 3; 16) 













mmm ww^%we ]SiM.i>mm, 


ftAH WS 







The Joys of Chapel 


aiMd the PaiNs 



OU Cafeteria Nutrition Faots 

Oakwood Stir-Prjs 
1 box of noodles 

I container of tofu 

lib of salt^,. Ahh make that two ^ ^■'- -^ 

When you go to the Soda Machine: 

Hawaiian Punch ^ water 

Orange Panta " water 

Apple juice ^ water 

Oatorade "^ water 

drape juice " water 

Water "- sprite 

Despite the few downfalls, the food does serve 

its purpose and its never that bad*..* right;)"? 

and admit it with the sports games, themed 

lunches, contests, and laughs with friends, th€ 
cafe this year has definitely been kind of fun! 


w fimii'F'i 

■ - ^^- It is a happy talent to know how to play. 

"Ralph Emerson 

No^ ruM aui tell 1hat hoivie boy 

-AMtvoiMe DobsoM 


^ !« 



^M^^A V'^H^^^^^H^^I 

^ r -At 

^ a 







:m:tss aAi^zwaaiD p>A.aEA>JT 

TyRSlAlsA. GZRXiS 20 1 O 

On IsyLajrah. 2 1 , 20 1 O for one niglit only, fbxxr 

ladies gTraced. th.e stag-e for- tlxe 1 Sth. an.n.^aal Ivlass 

OatcTATOOci iPag-ean-t- Tlie I>reain Girls TA^ow-ed. thte 

aiodiexicies aind. jTodg-es TArrthi tineir poise, -fcaleira-ts, and. 

per-soxiality . All dexrxon^fcra-ted -fcixeir desire to teGOime 

th.e caxcipTos qio-een. an.d to l^e tlxe ^oltiixiate e:5caTrLple of 

th.e OatL-wood WoTnan- 

Amaiad-a Gi-aham 


^ver^ kioiHAn VtAX Iter ouk xpeccAl dreA)% 
<]oi^ dreAiKi' )i^ Aboi/I' to coiMe frue. Lct&x 
< Mol' A4 bAd AX If fMA.«] <ee9K If «]oi/ open ^ 
ejjesfo likAfV U firoivf op *jou. 

Xj e f; 1 i 



By: Chanesse Hobdy 

Make Art 




The raised flags, manicured lawn, exceptional cafe food, spotless living areas, aiL 
busloads of high school seniors can only mean one thing - College Days are back at 
Oakwood University! "Well personally I did not touch that mystery veggie meat. I 
stuck to the pizza. And the fountain drink - 1 have never seen purple lemonade that 
tasted like water. I thought down south veggie food was supposed to be POPPIN..." 
says Mary-Ann Gilpin from North Eastern Academy in New York. College Days 
2010 was definitely an experience for the hundreds of students that came from all 
over the world, schools such as the renowned Pine Forge Academy, the Bermuda 
Institute, and many others. Students covered Oakwood' s campus and you could 
definitely recognize the excited, nervous, and maybe even lost faces of all of the high 
school seniors. Swine Flu did not flood the campus this year so luckily or not so 
luckily the students were able to sleep in the dorms and get the full preview of *The 
Oakwood Experience" beginning with the cafeteria food. Despite the interestingness 
of our fake Swiss-steaks and curry chicken, freshman students were able to enjoy the 
exceptional praise and worship Oakwood University is undoubtedly known for. 
Mary- Ann Gilpin of North Eastern Academy, Brittany Stowe from Takoma 
Academy, and Traci Carroll from Pine Forge Academy all gave their input on how 
they thought college days turned out and their reactions towards all the aspects of 
Oakwood University. Worship and prayer was number one on their top ratings. 
When asked, "What is the best part of OU?", Brittany and Traci agreed that the 
concert and seeing friends they could not generally see made Oakwood even a better 
choice for their future admission. Mary settled with OU boys and the cadaver lab 
(the place where they keep the dead bodies). Whatever their reasons for enjoying 
Oakwood and deciding that Oakwood should be their number one or number two 
option, I can safely say that all of the students genuinely enjoyed their stay on OU's 
campus. - Nikki Lee 


Oakwood and Southern, sister schools, 
coming together to worship as one. 
Different voices. Different instruments. 
Different skin colors. Different styles 
of worship but all worshiping the same 
God, together. Our union with Christ 
forever bonds us together. There is 

unity in our diversity. 

-Amber Buchanan 


ipaas 1he Night before ice skatiiMg, >5c+ieM all through the caivipus ' 

1^ot a creature >5aas stIrriNg although it ^c^ dusk 

|n aiviticipatioN of the followiMg Night eveNts Oak^oodites prepared" 

theMselves for the festivities ahead. 

The Night caivie aNd all the sfudeNts boarded the buses 

Not a child ^c^SN t rushiNg 

No^ there "^as ruNNiNg, aNd ^kiNg, laciNg aNd skatiNg 

JuMpiNg aNd daNCiNg, LaughiNg aNd EafiNg 

FalliNg aNd ScrapiNg, RailiNg aNd TrippiNg 

^Nd hittiNg each other wth the ice skatiNg aids 

But all could exclaiM ere drove out of sight 

Happy Skat iNg to all aNd to all a good Night ^_J 





ea^y/M^^r/4, //i^^44M, <k/yf^, /i^fA, ^j^ir/ym f^, r/ur/r/ruaz/^/a ^A^'^j 

^f//^/ M^j^mA^ /As Arf/i^^^fe^/ A<m/. , ^A/mY/r^A, ;i/<^i«///^ c/'/rA/ 

Aa^/e fA^i^ m^/A /^/m {^eer^^/'/^M, /As Arm wriii^ a <AeAmA/ r///fA 

m/./A '^'^^-^AA/m A/i/^^i /Ae /^/erfA, y^y/A^r^ ^r/AArrArAs<,i< 

4///yirA/^fhAs^. ^JAs ^^j^^//pmy <^/^A rM^^/^rAA/'M^/iAr//(''Mj 

m^/y^ //iA^^y^^/Z/'i^ a^isA m/^/^A^. ^9A iy^M///isAr^Ar/AAA</rr,j< 

m'/^//i//iAf' ^r^S A^, r/!^:A^.y/A 4^f^>/^Ai^^/rs, ,yu^^/a ^.y/A^<Yr// 

a^if/As^ 4A^A^ ejf^oA^//^ a cfi<//iA<^/in^AA, e^'^r^A, 

meAA /Ai^^^A/ fi^/ €^y//^aArruA^ ^AAum. 




^^B' 'l^^^l 



agp^.-^ . y ,.— ^y— ^^— ^^^ff 


wii%'' ' j^ '^S^B ^M^ 


i ^ 







of boarders on campus. Where 
did they come from? Were they 
already here? Who cares! 
They're super cool. Who 
wouldn't want to be one or at 
least date one? 

"Can't we all just 
get a long board?", 
said Marc Harrell 
when asked about 
his sport. "Its like 
being a kid again... 
I love it. It's like 
surfing on 
All boarders aren't 
the same. Some are 
long boarders, some 
are skateboarders. 
Skateboarders have 
more of a hard core 
punk influence and 
their plight is more 
vertical. They love 
tricks and being in 
the air. The long 
boarder, on the 
other hand, enjoys 
the coast. They love 
to carve and slide at 

the long boarder can reach 
unimaginable speeds on just 
wood and wheels. I don't know 
if its the best way to get around 
campus but it definitely seems 

the coolest. By Lauren Davis 


rise of 




■ ^T'^^^^^^K- 









. aSB-9r..r>.H- 


The Avenue 
of the r 3 

Sxpresions: ; 





. -'^^ 
















1 iii fc 











~-" - ' * 


-* "f-^ ■■■■■-«?' 


iku ^ 










A true photograph need not 
"be explained, nor can it be 
contained inVords. 

-Ansel Adams h 


^'IPtLO-togif apixy -ta>Les axi iTiiBtain-t 

o-Lxt of time, alteifiTi.g- life l^y 

]rxolc3.iin.g- it ^till" 

"^X)oiro-tlxea Xjai:i.g-e 

Storm Lee 

Meloni Woodson 

Matthew-Lee Morgan 



-» -^ ■ 

Matthew-Lee Morgan 

Lauren Davis 


■'■'' '*< 



'II ^ 

% '^' 

Shianne We 

slii. photography 


Lloydston Burton II 

I prefer drawing to talking, l^rawing ie 
faster ^nd leavea leas room for Uea 
£e Corbusier 


Melissa Cadet 


j m B^% <{ 

^e please tale a 
moment of silence . . . 



W H 

F— ^1**\ 

-. .,.. ; 

HKiiw 1 1 * 


JHr^^Bis^ 1 i % ^-. 



, ■ ■ ■ * .1 

tMsJK^L i *i!«»iPji''m ' 

I ^ 3*^i^f* ^"*'•^- 


L ^"^B^ 





'''*_ '*^««''» 



•51 T^ 

I HSY OU ! ! ! ! 
Let's not forget our loving 
reality show. , . "Making Da 
\ Group"... We thank you for 
"being apart of the search for 
Oakwood University's next best 
all female singing group!!! 
This, to me, is a simple 
reminder that there are many 
talented people on this 
campus, not just musically, but 
^ in many other aspects as 
^ well... Stay Tuned... you never 
^ know, we might have just 
created an annual tradition. 
Special thanks to USM Music & 
^ III Oaks Studios... Be Blessed 
I Oakwood jiipc Prom your Host JMO 

Svslcf Is 
cut to ^ 

fteAvew (jtveN 


A8t ©^ 




Copyright c 2009 

Teka's Song 

George K. Mohammed 



I'll %2 rf'*! in 


mprehends mankind but which manki] 
hnot comprehend." 
Ludwig van Beethoven 


%z^/''j^'^r'/m /f74<'^u ..yf/f'^^z .^^/'Y^M^/z/r/ 

^y^^f^e^ €1^^^ ^xna€i^ juf^/e 
fxw^ ^^€^ ji^>^i(€<n^ ^na^f4^ 




and I, 









OaXwboci's owt-ti., CIoTxma.±t:t:eci, foTXTaci 
tixeimsel^^es ot:l -tlxe popiolair IKTBG slxow-, 

rn. th.eir e:x:citeTneTi-tJ I>uuf iiag- -tlxe 
seasoTa stio-d-eTxts packed th.e TTV^iroozn 

XTL Foifd. tiall aw-aitiTZLg- tlxeir 
appea^f airi-ce. Gom2mit.teci Mevv- Aimei-ica 
ain-d -th-e jiadg-es av\;ray ! Tlxey sooia saxig- 

ttiexr w-ay to th_e seasoTi fizaale . 
On IMIonaay . DeceTrjDeif 20, 20 1 O 
e^v-exyoTD-e Ixelci tiieir t>3reaiJ:x iji. 
aTiticipa-tioTx! Xleairts iraced, frng-eirs 
cirosseci, aTi.c3_ parayeirs asaeTZLded t^efbir e 
-tlxe host axizaoTXTXced., "...Tlxe v\/rixii::Lex- is 
GoTrmaittecaJ' Ttie cirow-ci wreTat wrUd 
aTid so d.id_ eveiry OTi.e lira XinTitsville. 
Wlo-o vv;ro-Lild. tia^^e l:>elieA^eci thiat th.e 
toys wre oxice sat Ti.e:5ct to rrx class, saw- 
all tlxe time, aTid slxared laiag-tLS w-lth. 
w-OTxlci l:>ecoTne tixe w^iraxieif s of a 
TitatioTaw-icie coimpetitioia'? VVTith. tlxexr 

w^ixiL ttiey ireceiv-eci a Tmosic coTxtact 

witlx Sony Recoirds and $ 1 00,000. 

ISJow-, vv-loat else cain l:>e said t>esides, 'GO 





t^'t* V 


P^lMl - 

n 1 

The First Amendment of the United States: 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of 

religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the 

f r e e dom 

or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, 
and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. , '' 




speak from 

ac>^*'>>^: '• ^-rfea^^^'V^SSiSaSfcrSl^^S-" 


'S 1 

"3 ^Q 





verb, -lied, -lying, noun, plural -lies. 

-verb (used with object) 


[to bring into order again; gather and organize or inspire anew: The general rallied 

[ his scattered army. ^j^ 


Hto draw or call (persons) together for a common action or effort: He rallied his 
■friends to help him. 
■ 3. 

Bto concentrate or revive, as one's strength, spirits, etc.: They rallied their energies 
Hfor the counterattack. 

^The announcement of Oakwood's new president was made on November 1, 2010. 
_^Some students were elated while others were confused. Regardless of personal 

^feelings, members of the student body felt that the election process was I 

;^ misleading. In the weeks leading up to the announcement of the new president, the a 

^student body was asked to rate potential candidates. This led students to believe I 

i|that their opinion would be heard, or at least, considered in the selection process. I 

■ Some where disappointed to hear that it was not. , -^^^ : I 

Thus, on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, The United Student Movement (USM) 
gathered the student body for a peaceful, organized, and informative rally. USM felt 
jthat the election process of the new president was indifferent to student concerns 

^^and chose to rally as a channel to express their discontent. | 

is I 

^ During chapel, students met at the Simon of Cyrene Monument of Service, hoping i 

g^that decision-makers would understand their plea. The students felt that they I 

g should be involved in important decisions that take place on Oakwood's campus. I 

Hwho can say that this was not a reasonable cause? No one wants to feel muted if i 

Hthey have a voice and truely have something to say. I 

Art and soul 



Let it move you. 


She is a musician 

and her voice holds the cure called life 

outlined with the instrument of time 

she appreciates taking her time 

as she modulates through her next "beginning 

singing of sweet sorrows 

and "brand new tomorrows 

She is a love 

gloving as if loss lives on her left arm 
>ight across from her heart 
she is a fighter 
struggling to win a war 
that has already been predetermined 
she reminds me of the way 
rainbows shine bright after a really bad storm 

'^^feb. .^I^^^^^Ib^ 

I really hope she realizes 

that the ground underneath her bare feet 

applaud her rhythm and blues 

and she will only dance to sorrow as long as 

she only hears his melodies 

there is a different beat that sways in her 

future 1^^^^^ 

she is Just currently learning to listen to 

her own heart beat '^^W; 

her unique melody ^ 

She will be ready 

when the clouds roll back 

and the thunder stops clapping 

She will learn to let go 

and in that freedom she will fly gracefully 

to a new beginning ..^ 

this is Just another beginning -'^-^ 

another year that will bring her to discover 

Just who Yahweh will have her be, 

she is His instrument 

all has been | 

always will be i- 

but with each passing year 

her purpose becomes more defining 

this musician 

this beauty 

this flower that is in the midst of blossoming 

she reminds me of time... 

It looks beautiful on her ' 

- Nicole Hardin 

p *■<?*,•'• !• ^-^ 


Never did I think it was possible 
to choke from swallowing to much 

If anything, 

It'd "be more dangerous to leave 
it lingering on the tip of your 
tongue . 
I'm sorry. 

Something you've never said, "but 
live up to on a daily basis 
You are a pitiful waste of time. 
The only time you've "been given 
permission to stop "biting your 
tongue, you dip your head under 

What good is holding your "breath 
if no one ever taught you to 

You're too heavy to float. 
The "back of your throat is too 
preoccupied "balancing your 
p There are days when I wanna 
I smack the taste out your mouth. 
But seeing as how you can't 
"breathe, I dou"bt you could eat 
anything except your own words. 
Or is that something else you've 

Have you mastered the task of 
fasting from a daily dose of the 
crap advice you call. wisdom? 
I must confess . 

Your constant claims to be real 
never did impress me. 
But watching you drown in your 
own self-afflictions makes me 
realize why you always stuck to 
the shallow end in the first 
■ Maybe I'm expecting too much 
from you. 

See, you could only crawl to 


Safely hidden "between right and 

left, maybe you never thought 

moving forward was an option. ! 

But I don't feel sorry for you. 

Yes, it was my fault for ^ 

thinking that "birds flocked I 

together. 1 

When things got rough, you I 


And I mistook you for a swan. 

I never really had good eye 

sight underwater. 

But I always knew something 

about you smelled a little bit 


Sissm — 
I could always taste the ■'""" 

saltiness of waters abruptly 

brushed from your wings to my 


The crack of your lying voice 

always did sound similar to i 

quack. 'W||« 

I lacked the ability to read you 

when I needed to. .^. 

See I needed to hear you,"' 

I needed to hear you like when 

there's something you want to 

hear, but can only hear what's 

interrupting you. _ -i,— 

Uke A'M'winm 

The silence is too loud for me 

to be honest. ^ 


The silence is too strong for me 

to show ANY signs of a time 

where I was once weak. /M 

Well look at you now. 

Drifting away. 

Bound by your anger, 

The same anchor pulling you *^ 

lower than the mud tracks you 

left behind to pollute waters 

you thought were pure, 

and no one can save you but 


All the knowledge in the world 
couldn't grow you a brain, 
couldn't sustain enough value 
to convince you that your words 
are worthless. 

You sound a lot like guilty. 
Your grudges will age you, 
degrade you, fade you to gray 
shades of lukewarm tensions. 
You're splashing your wings 
cause mommy never taught you to 


But if ever you do decide to 

swallow up your regrets 

Make sure you chew first. 


-Tianna Iiowis 

Social Sxodus 

Shackled and chained they were 
soulless beings deceived into believing that their 

bondage had meaning 

On my journey I saw them toiling in a desert 

A familiar people with vibes of comfort 

Despicable though 

They cast judgment amongst each other, 

Only to mimic the same judgment cast 

Creating massive circles of people blindly following 

the people they can't see 
1^ Questioning their reason for living 
but not understanding that they obtain the key that 

unlocks the chains 
r That keep them bond together 

Darkness and confusion consumed them 
Their minds constantly die while their bodies' stay 
.^-s alive 

^^ Their souls harvest mold, 
The color is more dark and cold than the deepest 

\ ' black imaginable 
Addictei;4i3r gdrUg that Is shoved down every throat 

Mpi. of creating fiends 
^^^ften' succeed 

^^^^^t prowls around them waiting 

to eat. 
_ jf their minds are a royal 

So he W^^^^^^^s and schemes with rap and T.V. 

: Cap tuiiiigl^ iiillll^o cent and naive who don't even 

3a chance to think 


These chains cannot be seen 

So the illusion of being free remains a reality 

I noticed something while observing this scene 

The same shackles and chains had once enslaved 

So I made it my mission to help set these people 

Showing them the key that will unlock them from 


The power within themselves to let their minds 

off this leash 

The child has been born ■ 

The veil has been torn 

His Word has nailed everything to the tree 

We must accept our salvation to truly be set 


As G-od's people we must stand and move in the 

direction of His promise land i 

Hand in hand with the Son of Man 

We must exile from Babylon and all of it's" 

traditions and vile songs i 

We must break these chains that bind our minds 

We must hold strong in faith I^H 
So that we may not wonder in the wilderness for 

extended amounts of time ^» 
We must break this oppression and raise equality 
We must wipe away transgression and set the 

captives free js^b^^m 
Oh Jerusalem wash your hearts from wickedness 

That you may be saved from your deception 
How long shall those vain thoughts lie within 

Oh Jerusalem you are keeping you from perfection 

-Harrison Morel 






101 I 

^ITiS^J^^-^ Sfei] 


J ., 

' , :-::: 

(Mmfff^ 1 


— — 

\. m^ 









K ^T 









Goxt BacK 




X^lay Sxnaart 






' 2iWr-. 




^r ^ 



^ % ^ 

^ # 

/ / 

ii <]iii 




1 bleed 

i bleed 


Kayla Edwards 

Christine Hairston 

Erica Peote 

Kara Baxter 


Sheryl Dublin 



Kim Pointer 

Aleya Willis 

Jessica Washington 

Britney Lumbard 


Meghan Curtis 

Courtney White 

ml HI m 

Danielle lew is 





Len&lr Black 
Jade Black-Captain 
ISlana Brown 
I Victoria Brown 
Kristina Christian 
Jade Callaahan 
Zipporah daines'-Cap 
Ruthaney Henry 
Takisha Johnson 
IMelissa Morgan 
Danielle Smithen 
Briana Richardson 





■■^■. \ 

— -. ' / 

Aceline Alusca 
Scinsha Sugene 
Ghioma (jiofor-Captain 
Jenica Frederick 
Ashante Lucombe 
Britney liUmbard 
Carol Ncube 
Daris Odhiambo 
Alesia Perkins 
Noel Reid 
Ashley Simpson 
Sva Smith 
Kerri Stuart 
Shianne Webb- Caotain 





Greg Scarlett, 

Keevon Holdipp, 

Dwayne Wescom (Captain), 

Richard Birkett, 

Dale Simpson (Co Captain), 

Andre' Artis, 

Paul Selman, Emmanuel 


Andrew Coke, 

Philip Kerimah, 

Loward Ziv Piper, 

Titus Wongk, 
Kevin Vacciana, 
T'aiik Smith-^weed; ' 
Carl Okiimu-Camevra 


Clubs and 








■r ,r 

WOW! One page is reallj not anough to express ^^ Yq^iI^^q"^ 
relation to my presidency and what w© have been so blessed to 
accomplish during this time. First and foremost I would like to say 
that it has been more than a pleasure serving each and every one of 
you. I am so thankful and grateful for this awesome opportunity. 
' I am proud to say that under my administration an array of changes 

were made manifest here at Oakwood. We worked tirelessly with 
Oakwood in regards to renovating the cafe. I strongly feel that 
students are now better able to appreciate the updated and spacious 
facility that has been provided and enjoy their meals. During my 
tenure as President we were able to extend curfew for upperclassmen, 
^ I am also thankful for being influential in switching our bookstore 
to the more reliable and more efficient Barnes & Noble. I feel I 
brought accountability and transparency to this office; two 
, components that had been obsolete for far too long. 

Regardless of the issue, whether it involved disciplinary action or 
^%even more personal matters, USM was involved and had a penchant for 
^ not only being aware, but also being steadfast and reliable. I must 
^ say that I would have never been able to accomplish these and other 
'milestones without the cooperation of a great USM cabinet coupled 
with a supportive Administration, who were eager to work with the 
USM. But I would most certainly be remiss if I didn't assert how 
vital a role Sod played during my stint as President. By His grace, 
|We were able to bring positive change to Oakwood and in doing so 
invigorate the student body. 

As I exit this office, I say to you my fellow Oakwoodites, thank you 
for your support. Thank you for your countless Facebook and text 
messages of encouragement. Thank you for the comments of critique 
on twitter. Your honesty, sincerity and openness have been much 
appreciated, and is why I will forever be indebted to you. I have 
indeed had the time of my life. As I embark upon a new journey in my 
life, I will nQYBT forget these past two years. I will always 
remember the lessons learned that brought wisdom, the failures that 
"^5rought hiimility, and the successes that yielded unspeakable Joy. I 
love you, G-od bless and. ..Roll Tide, (haha Just kidding) 
four Servant, 






OFFICERS 2010-201 1 
iTSfer Att^an Knight 

#XB;CUTlVS':BS(i!ls5ARY -Jenni^i; Mang^rv; 
GHISF -Q^^TAP^- 'Mark Reid ^ 

^ -AiHlJi^ VICE -- Henoc Paulcin 
->; PARnAMSNTARIAN - Victor Wongk 
|;;;^-SOGIAi:. vice -.Karla Mcl^ean 

^ ."^^ 

Evan Willj.s 



ACADEMIC V4^E - Cavena 
SENATE SECRETARY - Kristina Desir 
YEARBOOK EDITOR - Lauraiv-Davis 
CO-PUBLIC REI,ATIONS -. Lindsey -Sy«ih 
CO-PUBLIC ^REr^ATIONS - Ka&Bandra_An^:^' 
SPONSORS - /Dr. Theodore Brow^,.^ 9^s^n 



Brow^,. 5^s^n OamfUje 


Xmagme being on campus 

just doing your scliool work. You 
decide to take a break from your 
studies and check your e-maik 
You turn on your computer and 
click on your internet explorer 
icon. Your MSN homepage loads 
and to your utter horror you see 
pictures of your hometown in 
disaster: completely destroyed. 
Bodies litter the ground and you 
can't decide if they are dead or 
alive. Now put yourself in the 
shoes of someone whose family 
lives in that area. Your roots are 
there. This is the place where you 
took your first steps and said your 
first words. You see your country 
in shambles. You can no longer 
think about the important paper 
that you have to write, the crucial 
test that will make or break your 
semester's grade, or what the next 
Bal~in~4he cafe is going to be; 
your mind 1^ home. 

You wonder, "Did my friends and 
neighbors survive - what about 
my parents and siblings!" 

Many of our fellow students at 
Oakwood University are of 
Haitian descent. The New York 
Times reported of a 30 second 
earthquake hitting Port-au-Prince, 
Haiti, killing 200,000 - 250,000 
people: a major shock to the 
Oakwood Community as well as 
the world. Many students tried to 
communicate to their loved ones 
back home but were unable to. 
The National Association for the 
Prevention of Starvation (NAPS) 
assembled their resources and put 
together an emergency response 
team. Just two days after this 
cataclysmic catastrophe NAPS 
was on ground zero of this 
earthquake providing food and 
medical assistance to survivors. 

NAPS was founded in 1978 
and became a registered non-^ 
profit organization in the state 
of Alabama in 1 993. It is a 
volunteer organization made 
up of students from all over 
the world with all types of 
majors. However they have 
joined together with one 
,^24mission in mind: to help th§/ 


• "■ •/ - 




p i 

■ k 4 

W': % 






t Home 

hen many people think of service 

they focus on the starving and helpless 
citizens of third-world nations. People 
talk about reaching the unreached in 
foreign countries, but few talk about 
reaching the people they pass by every 
day. Though NAPS has programs in 
place that span globally, they still 
remember the need in their own area. In 
the city of Huntsville, NAPS helps the 
community with an array of services 
every week. 

The emphasis of NAPS is to improve 
the education and health in towns where 
generations have found themselves 
trapped in the cycle of being uneducated 
and unhealthy. The learning facilities are 
filthy, the teachers are stretched few and 
far between, students lack textbooks, and 
the situation at home is very dire. 
Children are poor and rarely encounter 
young. Christian role models. NAPS 
members are coming to these areas to 
bring hope to what seems to be an 
academically, physically, and spiritually 
sad situation. 

NAPS members are also focusing on 
health. Mississippi is one of the most 
unhealthy states in America. NAPS 
members are doing health screenings and 
providing free medical care for the 
uninsured in these areas. Some citizens 
have been in complete ignorance 
concerning their medical condition, but 
NAPS is helping people to understand 
some of the things that are taking place 
in their bodies. 

The task is great, but NAPS members 
are using every resource and opportunity 
that they have to serve those in need. 
They do it because of a determined lo\ e 
for their fellow human beings. It is no 
wonder that many NAPS members ha\ e 
proclaimed they have grown closer in 
their relationship with God due to then- 
participation in a group that prides itself 
in love and serving a weakened and 
hurtinii humanitv- 


you sAv -mf NiAA^f of twAt di^A/^^A at^ouf om 

CA^Vf USI" TUU U i/ii/AU^ Hvt ^iv«fu)rv Huif U kCArd froM ^aur 
f o ^tAf, f roM Xfudtnf f 4h«itnf And tyftr^^Virt In \}thjttA. IVxt 
drAiMA ii^nUfr*] fcjMJum A4 Action© \Ka U utU fcjuwm om CAmpui t\en 
if 4fudtnfi CAnV pronouhce Ifl If U A SujaVuXI nA^e And >»«»CAn4 
VtAndx QulHvJ A purpott. W U pronsouvdMif MM-con-np-ntl-Ak or ^01/ 
cAn ^MpL^ 4A^, "/»^K." fcxMdtd futlvt ^CAr4 a^o Vvtre Af 
OAfcjjood Unlvtrxlf ^, ^K ViAX betn A conXUftnf f aihU^ Huif aUja^X 
Vui4 Ifx A#>a open fo Accepf aU u»Vu) dwirt fo co»mc. TVicrt Art no 
Aiidlflon4, no 4crlpfx, And no 4H/wf dotAsLexI Au HiAf U rtc^lrtd U 
A VifArf faxed ulHv Hit dMirt f o 4trvt C^od In aU CApAclflex, 301/r 
nA»>^, ukert ^Oi/'rt f roM, And xointHvln^ crAz^ Aboi/f i^ouritl( 
CtMbArrAWln^ cVuidkood 4forlt4 Art recoMintndtdy TUt^ do 
l»Kpro\^ 4fcifx, frttzt (y\ xfA^t In Hit MuUf of plA^x, xa^ Hitlr 
AlpKAbtf4 In ver^ rldicx/ioui, uA^i, And ytU Af l^A^lnAr^ dofx. 
SouyuU ifrAn^t rv^kf? DonV tjorr^ Hu«t Art ji/tf fVit txtrcUti. 
Tkt xfclfx prtJtnftd b*] HiU Splrlf faxtd ^roup Art coi»-*tdk. ^tf 
4o»*^btr And foud*tlie.'f vtr^Hiln^ Hit^ do U In Ll^kf of fkt ftxf 
Ookn V.lOf "Ut iMii4f IncrtAtt,, Vvf I [inififj dtcrtAit." IVxtrtU 
aUja^4 An optn Invlf Afton fo Anient And tvtr»30nt fo 4lf In or join 
HvtM during prAcflct Af A^VorAn WaU tvtr*] frldA^ Af ll Coint 
fkroi/^kl TUt^'rt uAlfln^...llftrAa^. OK. ''_'* iwsss ^„ 

if MBS ^= 


Must Decrease; {j 

He Must increaSS ! 



jading Oak has" defllili^': 
from mediocre to an excellent newspapeif\3ff<^'$ 
praise. Haven't read it? The paper spansyifrom news j^idr 
enteXts^inment to an update on Oakwood University 's 4^^^ 
lat^e^t events. It even has section for religio^^;:^^,^ 
fashion and relationship advice. The writers have i^^ni^ 
i^i^o^d^rful job putting together the schoot-^ij 


•^«ch issue is continually amazing and captivates! 
readier that "browses it's pastes. Svei^S^r^^don* t^-tfke 

tjo^^gd, The Spreading Oak is practical; with p:a3^L.^/^<-^ 

^.j,^ — <s»*^^^t^'' 

tbout-^ -^ pages the Spreading Oak gives s 

e^ftBWs without boring them to tears with pi 
pafe>itf endless words. USM has definitely p^,^ 

ge tiler an excellent paper for the studen't^Mj' _ 

Oat^ood University. Derek Bowe has faithfullyrrdeaSyered 
eaclLjiewspa|^er>tionsistently. Bowe a^^. his staff h^Ve 
tirelessly giveVa newspaper that deservii^^^^yoa^ration 
and recognition. If you haven't read it yet, it's 
definitely time to grab a copy 

The Proud 
come back 
of a great 



•B €ldb6 ^nd 

W~ *"' 


.*^. ,'"t*'' ' v^y^'T^-^*" 

' m^ kwvir&a0ki^a^ 

Q^vg mz^tione 



*>»•.■ TH** f^ •*. CiLi' »»^ 

t ' 


Coiiiqiieiis Ift CSirist 

. ■■ . 



Health and Physical Education 

Ladles of Excelleijce 


Unega Signte; PM Psj^efcLoMigy 

it ■' 

^ip^ ,^- 

Cc^fttftiM Muto 

i^nu 10*0- are i;i^\iQt>je.e . ■ in a • ana .un 

OrganigatiQn eltfic* ikelr--^ WkuiaOO, ■ex.Pe.riehte' 

„ -Passion, .en^attcmg, :t;»»'etr;.. eew-af t0ii6t;"fexP6t*^'fi- m~ 







i % 

i^i t'l 


Sigiit#Mi i^Iath and Co1irl^j<^r;iS(;iertce^^ 



.lLi-:3i-"i- Vi^v._,_'jl'L :..!2r!:_T?:iiP':i 


f. .r, 

■ »* ,-■' ." '. '.i 

^"^^^\" ^NP PhYj^ICaL EdU/I^t.ak. 

'*»*"■- _ -yiu 


^g®JLi@W glLl 




*S5U.S.M. f 


r?t--^c^^^^^ - Dental CLuh ^^^A-\:^ 

: : .^ Oakwood University 'studinf^Q^ 


Phi ^eta Iamba 

Ladies of Excellence 
OU G>mputei* Club ^OA(^y^ 

Work Club 



.> '- 

ili\mix>log,v <L\\i> 

">.^;^. ""*S>; 

"'o, '■, X, % ',J# 



Spending Quality Time With 

Friends : "^ 


Holland HaU 

A.' ■'.^ li 



Men of 


"Vision looks inward and becomes ' jj 
uty.Vision looks outward and becomes 
aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes 
-Stephen S. Wise «^ 

The Oakwood Woman is 

Academically Motivated. 
Spiritually Enriched 
ocially Secure. 

Woman by Dagj 




Edward's Hall 


"Living at West Oaks 

is a wonderful 

.experience. Though 

there are regulations, 

I love the freedom 

that is given to the 

residents. One can 

experience a 

foretaste of "real 

world" living, while 

remaining relatively 

, close to campus." 

-Lawrence Brown 

"I enjoy having the kitchen in the 
apartment. I also like the First 
Fridays where residents of West 
Oaks have vespers together. It's 
where we are able to fellowship 
with one another as we bring in 
the Sabbath.." - Lashonda Wright 


"The living space and having your 
own room is cool. Having a later 
curfew and being able to sign out 
is straight." - Stephen Murphy 

"Living at West Oaks makes me feel 
independent. I like living in the West Oaks 
Apartments because there's more privacy 
than living in the dorms. " -Elizabeth Bailey 







r ' 





iTHe main rea^^^^^ being at 
bakwood is to get a Christian 
^ education... Right? 

JEiucation is one of tli 
I few things a personf^ 
willing to pay for a 
not get. 

:e that is taught on; 
w himself has a foe 
I for a master. " | 



Bd-cLcatioTi is ttie xnost povv;re]rfial 

clxaTi.g-e th.e w-02rlc3.. 
^nSJelsoTi IMIaTiciela 


^>i:j ^' 


vvroordfl t3aat. laaroxaig-li-t rtae H 

laaamtng- porocsess lias H 
rea-tbr IxxipBcsbGd. irjsr stuiay ~ 
ItfiL Aftear ervGory cOaas, T g-o 
ovear lecrbtxre xioteet, 
roiblezxis, axiid x-ead. tJae IsooK. X 

lia-ve qnaeetdozifi pcrepared 
T <3RT3. g-et: tliexxi axisvNreared. Itl 

ItB X -ULse -bo 

'-a xnsr iPucarJBTnJo g-oalsL 
LTxrexi Clarlft 

|X Iteep a c3mlsr flc<h.ed.iJe -thia-t 

■ ^ -til- X •oJ.^^-I^o 
'X'o Tnoi=tf: of -xif? .tr-'hisrRinf: is a 
n'hn11p'.-n«g-i-ng- mnd ^-edic nas 
cjcnoarse Inib d-oon-t loose l::iope 
tjecaTose I axii alxznat bo give btiej 
secareb. foar siarscjess iTi bin is cilnss. 
lE^rayer- nnd debermi-nnbioTa is 
biLe foTonndnbioTi l:y\-it bo Irmild 
y OTo. miosb v^ror->L ab biie 
parotlems ixnbil yoxi find biie 
soloxbioTDLfiL AJv^rasrs arerrieixiijear 
bliab paracrfcice. T-nF»>res 
pea-mnonenb. nTid stifW^^R is 
arabed Ijy y oioar goal 
~ClJrLi'ny<='.-r<=' hi~nglifiGb. 

por ©veary liouar cxf imy day. X 
Inave aHb least, oxie etx^ciy 
tpax-txifix- fbor iraoy -tou/gln classeeL 
p Ifceep in -toiucslx ■wT.-tJa iixay 
IbeacihtjGarF: and. T^r^tJ-t f?o X "K-now 
pxiy pT-og-re«=!R in eaah rlnea Bert 
pT alwasre inooarpora-te soixlb fbreel 
lt:±nQe -bo irelie-v-e some sbress. 
p "Vearocnocja ^^^-uarplisr 

m iLonis^i^ 

>d^v >} ?* 


w»- '^^m. 

fna^iF Hi f isi 















m : 


ew food. Foreign faces. Stares from strangers. 

Iconjugation confusion. Excitement. Laughs with 
friends. Palermo Soho. Buenos Aires. Machu Picchu. 
Siestas. Spontaneous weekend trips. Peru. Spiritual 
growth. Hours at the "beach. Brazil. Barbecues. 
Sxamencitos. Breaking the language barriers. Life 
lessons. Life long memories. 

I So how would I sum up my year abroad? The truth 
is, I don't think I can. To sum up the whirlwind of 
different emotions, experiences, trials <St challenges 
I have faced while studying in Argentina, would be 
near impossible. The total submersion as a foreigner, 
eager to learn a foreign language in a foreign land 
had to have been one of the most terrifying, yet 
rewarding and character building experiences I have 
endured. I have always had a love and deep 
fascination for the Spanish language, and to finally 
live out my passion to master it has been a Ood-sent 
blessing. Yes, at times it was discouraging, 
pverwhelffling, and stressful, but constant support 
from professors who cared, praying family, and 
friends old and new, tied all the pieces together. 

% year abroad was not solely about learning 
another language. For me, it was about experiencing 
another culture, a different way of life, reasoning, 
and thinking so I could develop into who God is 
molding me to be. 

Traveling South America has broken down my mind's 
boundaries to the limitless possibilities and 
iopportunities studying abroad has to offer. To live 
pLife in a foreign country and return unchanged would 
e been a year wasted. a| 

Ptudying abroad has challenged me on every 1 
el in every aspect of my life. For this, I c 
gladly say that my experiences exceeded my 
expectations. I have learned that the reward i 
always greater than the challenge. Life in 
Argentina has been delightfully satisfying. To 
view in retrospect how my Spanish skills have 
evolved from those of a crawling toddler to 
those of a marathon runner, will always cause 
praise to "break forth from my mouth to the Mos 

Argentina became a true home away from home, 
hich means I leave behind family. But the road 
oes not end here. Prom this experience I take 
ith me timeless memories and valuable life 
lessons that my year abroad has endowed to me. 
So until the next to hour plane ride, the next 
ncient Wonder of the World, the next late night 
ce cream escapade, the next barrier broken, and 
to the next door Sod opens, this is just i 

Living Without Reservation, 
Julia Ssemanda 


J. •> 

1 '"' 


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Chall^ngeT-l A , Student 
Sdridierys StoryJ 


.'W— ^..**' 

Mike Lowe's journey to Oakwood was all 
but ordinary. Although he requested an 
application to attend Oakwood in 1998, he 
opted to go Andrews University and study 
physical therapy. It was there he met many 
theology students who graduated from 
Oakwood College. - t" .,^^- t t 

Unable to remain in school financially, Lowe 
joined the US Army in May 2002. He 
married his wife, a graduate of Andrews, in 
• 2003 and began working as a Chaplain 
l^pZ'^ Assistant. In this role he assisted his Chaplain with religious support to Soldiers. 
?W^' He provided administrative support, chapel setup, and protected the Chaplain in 
'^^^:. combat operations. He deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in March 2005 to March 

'' ' " Upon completion of four years of active duty, he joined the US Army Reserves. 
Mike Lowe moved his wife and two children to Huntsville, Alabama in the spring 
of 2008 to obtain a degree in Theology, with a concentration in Pastoral v "^=* 
^^Evangelism. VfeW ■; '■'J''-''--"' ' '"" "" ' ^ 

-■'^•'-^ In the spring of 2009, Staff IS ergeant Michael Lowe was recognized as the first 


.j;?. Chaplain Assistant to compete in the 2009 United States Army Reserve Besr^»>' •"' 

" Warrior Competition. Only 28 of 206,000 Soldiers compete in this competition! In 

the fall of 2009 he received a request from the highest Chaplain levels to volunteer 

•\, ^^ to deploy. Although enrolled at Oakwood that fall, Mike Lowe accepted and 

^^^ received specific, deploy to Iraq one week after the Thanksgij¥ing holiday 

^^'in2009. _„._I: ^^ ' ^ 


T* '.'';- 



When asked why he volunteered he 
answered: "Our country is at war. I've 
always wanted the opportunity to say 1 
served in a war, especially in Iraq. Iraq is 
full of biblical history, and I wanted to 
experience it for myself, despite the 
opinions of family and friends. In 
retrospect the experience was beyond 
beneficial. I grew mentally, and 
spiritually, and relationally with my wife. 
In my service in Iraq I received various 
awards and recognition. I had the .- 
opportunity to work with a Jewish ' 

Chaplain, Catholic Chaplain, Air Force 'I', 
and Navy Chaplains, and Iraqi religious 
leaders. Although there were days we got 
hit with rocket attacks, there were more 
days of peace." ^^^ 

He shares the rewarding experience of 
being selected as a member of the Color 
Guard for the Change of Command 
Ceremony for the highest Army 
Commanding General of Iraq. This 
ceremony marked the close of combat 
operations that began in 2003 and the 
beginning of a new phase of operatioi^s in 
Iraq. This ceremony was attended by 
many political and high ranking military 
officials, including Vice President Joseph 
Biden and Secretary of Defense Robert 
Gates. ^^'<.. 

He proudly expresses, 'Til never forget 
the day 1 landed in Baghdad December 7, 
2009, and the day I landed safely back 
home in Huntsville October 28, 2010. 
know God has ^ plan for my life, and I 
must remain ready and willing to do our 
God's service, regardless of how different 
it may be." ,___ii:; 

♦ • ♦ 

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Pe(5^ Neal 
Unelle :ie-ii 
Benjan.lri Helton 

Jo'le-Lel(5h Jlemb'-iar-l 
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Krystel Newtoa 
OarLeae IJ^ireaya 

irnsL "Uoanor'i 
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3:43911 Noel 
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Llllaurla Nraballnia 
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Augustus O'jlsta 

Joseph O'Kelley 
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Srl3a Ogboenylya 

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Shaklra Owans 
Tamltooa Owolabl 

Christopher Owolabl Jr 
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Ulchaal-Hanry Parchir.ant 
Allana Parjohn 
iilaurla Parker 

lillchonna Parker 
Tyrall Parker 
Blossom Parkinson 
Brandon Parrlsh 
Ja ffary Pascal 



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James Paschal 

Shaun Paschal 

Robert Patterson III 

Henoo Paullcln Jr 

■^^^ , , 

Sd Paulsalnt 

' Andre Peart 

Maslka-Joy Pelfer 

Sdward Palote 

Srloa Pelote 

Michelle Palote' 
Jamaal Pambarton 
Alasia Perkins 

/~ ^ 

Brittney Perry 

,y s 

Kiera Perry 


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Deeana Peter 


■^ V 

Chantel Peters 



~ _ Dawn Peters 



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Brandon Phillips 


Alyssa Phlpps 


Jenlese Phlpps 

Medgina Plcard 

Andrew Pierre 



Carl Pierre 

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;f 1 

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Kyndall Powell-Hicks 

Robest Praval 

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Jarryl Prldgett 

Brlanna Prlngle 

Rayne' Provost 

Nelson Pugh 

Russel Pugh 

Alna Quaye 

Ruth Ralph 

Brain Ramey 

Brandon Ramey 

Anlska Ramsey 

Dayna Ramsey 

Christian Randall 

Tonlta Rankin 

Aklm Ravarlere 



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Cleo Ravarlere 
Alp'aonzo Ray 
Tnrlfl top'aer Rea-li.i 
Janriilne Ree-iuu 
O-itavlin Re 688 

Jamil a Re 1-1 
Kevron Rel-l 
ulark Rel-l 
Hoe lie Rel-l 
Ro-Jay R'il'l 

Oharien Reynol-ln 
Sydney Reynol'ls 
Kevin Rhamla 
Kristin Rhamle 
Shannon R'aoaias 

Avry Rl::'-iari3 
Kallia Rlohar-ls 
Uarla Rlchar-ia 
Brlanna Rlcaarlson 
Shelbourna Rlohardson 

Shalton Rlaaard3on 
Adanlka Roberts 
Jennifer Roberts 
Peter Roberts 
Tylar Roberts 

Kris-Ann Robertson 
Darnell Robin 
Dlarra Robin 
Adlo Robinson 
Brandon Robinson 

Gladys Robinson 
Iileygan Robinson 
Uelalna Roblay-Spaniar 
Danla Roshe?, 
lasha Rod^ars 

James RodrljuaT 
Yarlmal Rodrl.^ua-' 
Calvin Rogers Jr 
Adrian Rolla 
Raba3 3a Romulus 

Ulahaal Ross Jr 
Aaron Roston 
Kayla Rowa 
Amor Royar 
Haba Royar 

rCrls top'nar Runnels 
Darrall Russell 
iilaya Rutladga 
Wo 1 nay Saint Jean 
Kavln Salnt-illa 




Kkdmiel Salntanga 

Fara Sajous 

Hannah Salinas 

Ja-Korl Salmon 

''■ Meleik Salmon 

; I?' ,- , Mk" 

Sohanella Sam 

Kristen Sampson 

Saslhana Sampson-Dodd 

Srio Samson 

Kashia Sanders 

Markia Sandars 

Saundra Sankay 

Rebaooa Sauls 

tiawranoe Saunders 

Justin Savage 

Jonathan Sawyer y 

Jallsa Scarborough 

Jamesha Scarborough 

. ~ Grag Scarlett 

Cassandra Soott 

Clara Scott 

Karl-0'Nlel Scott 

Kevin-Iiee Scott 

Pearlallce Scott 

Jason Sailers 

Ranier Selman 

Lance Semlson 

Nyoohl Seymour 

Ashley Shand 

Dlmetri Shearwood 

Michael Shalton 

Satara Shapard 

Junior Shepherd 

Chase Sherrod 

Jon Paul Sherrod 

Natalie Slbanda 

Jeremiah Sidney 

Alexandria Simeon 

Bog Simeon 

Brian Simmons 

Quran Simmons 

Slnead Simmons 

Arems Simon 

Ashley Simpson 

Latasha Simpson 

Jasmine Slnkfleld 

Jazmlne Skinner 

Joshua Skinner 

Hannah-Leen Smalley 

Sills Smiley 


Aairi? Smith 
knlofii.0 Smlt'n 
Barrln(5ton Smith 
Demerlous Smith 

Dlone F Smith 

Dominique Smith 
Sva Smith 
Juatln Smith 
Justin Smith 
Lanal Smith 

Sheldon Smith 
Tabatha Smith 
Taklyah Smith 
Tearsa Smith 
Wayne Smith 

Shalraoh Smith Jr 
Talrllc Smith-Tweed 
Danielle Smlthen 
Hawkins Soko 
Antolne Southern 

Vlnaent Spellman Jr 
Alvln Spenoer 
Daanna Spencer 
'labrlal Spenser 
Srlc St. Louis 

Ohrlalaa St. r>U3 
Rltar St. Lu2 
April Stalling 
Svarett Stanislaus 
Uagan Starks 

Donl2e Staten 
Justyn Stapp 
Stella Sterlln 
liOualla Starling 
Jayla Stevens 

Bryant Stewart 
Caasandralaa Stewart 
Stephen Stewart 
Tarre Stewart 
John Ul3haal Stovall 

iJarlana Stovall 
Tyrall Stovall 
Sharl Stra3kar 
Uashala Straker 
Trahanna Stranga 

Allsha SLrayhorn 
Shanaa Straatar 
Sydney Strlcklanl 
Sydney Strickland 
ivalaha Stubbs 




S^Jinthony Suggs 

Bertha Sullivan 

Kia Sullivan 

Uallory Sullivan 

Svan Summers 


W fi 

Stefan Sumpter 
■'Brlonna Sutton 
Jonathan Swales Jr 
Orland Sweeney- 
Karen Sweet 

Hawanloole Syeh 

Rlohard Talbert 

Jhanel Tam 

Maquel Tankard 

Victoria Tapp 

Aaron Taylor 

Annette Taylor 

April Taylor 

Ariel Taylor 

Christian Taylor 

Rashane Taylor 

Al Tema 

Kenberly Termidor 

Ssperanza Terrell 

Feonia Terrelonge 

Christopher Thaw 

Clarke Thedford 

Sunloe Theodor 

Mlloah Theodor 

Allnx Thermldor 

Alnsworth Thomas 

Alysla Thomas 

Ashley Thomas 

Avanelle Thomas 

Bridget Thomas 

Christine Thomas 

Darnlsha Thomas 

Lashawn Thomas 

Olivia Thomas 

Rashad Thomas 

Tyrel Thomas 

Samuel Thomas III 

Niklta Thomson 

Sheri Thorn 

Gaberlal Thorne 

Keoha Thornton 

Prantzoeaoa Tlngue 

KeAndrea Titer 

Keith Tobias 

Erin Tolbert 


4 \^A 


J^ a 1 

^. A 1 


Prefllla Tolera 
;jla'aoiaB TofliHn 
Uatf'iew ToBiUnsoa 
^ynt'-ila Traiii5''iber 
Howari Tri.u,aSr\3 

marala'a Trla.o.lns 
3rloa Tronn 

Victoria TacX;ett,-?or-5e 
Brlttanl Turner 
Ja'ilata Tamer 

IJell Turaer 
Vlatolra U^ociukwu 
XuioiTla Un-ierwoo-i 
Srlok Usher 
Kevin Vacolana 

iiiaucus Valentine 
Bacur Vaultz 
Chrystalle Vllfran: 
Edouar^ Vincent 
Jordan Wadlell 

Astlan Walte 
An'Ira Wallon 
Sarlaen Waliron 
Andrew Walker 
Catnilla Walker 

Carrie Walker 
Smllllo Walker 
Smllllo Walker 
Jerrell Walker 
lillana Walker 

Royca Walker 
Taylor Walker 
Tyler Walker 
Victor Walker 
Kevin Walker Jr 

Rahshan Wall 
Daniel Wallace 
Dlamyne Wallace 
Kahili Wallace 
Travarua Waller 

Jahan Walsh 
Alexandria Walton 
Uarq Walton 
Jonathan Warl 
Margaret Ward 

Nicholas Warl 
Oavan War Haw 
Nlcolae Waring 
Kanall Warnar 
Aajaa Warrari 





if n ^,:--:. ; V /.,, 

Gharmaine Washington 

Clifford Washington 

Jessica Washington 

Dianna Waterton 

"■" Kharmen Watkins 

% . Mi** 

Ronisha Watson 

Rayne Watson-Dennis 

Jarrod Webb 

Sabrina Webb 

Shianne Webb 

Zaohary Weems 

Shatisae Wells 

Dwayne Wesoom 

Dalton West '' 

Denae Wast 


Connor Whatley '}),, 

Fridaa Whitby 

'"''"■'• ..^^ Ashli White 

Jalen White 

Kornalia White 


Maloolm White 

Sharioe White 

Karenoe White-Balton 

Re Jena' Whiting 

Kitty Wioker 


Ashlie Williams 

Baour Williams 

Brittany Williams 

Catherine Williams 

Chrishal Williams 

Gorbin Williams 

Dadriok Williams 

Srin Williams 

Gaillynn Williams 

Jasmin Williams 

Jennifer Williams 
Jonathan Williams 

Kahrass Williams 
Lawranoe Williams 

Monique Williams 

Phillip Williams 

Rhys Williams 

Samantha Williams 

Samuel Williams 

Tanesha Williams 

Taylor Williams 

Daryl Williams Jr 

Kayla Williams-Rawlinson 

Janeen Williamson 

Jaoquelina Willis 


Khorl Ann WIII.I3 

Carnell WlILln II 
Jo'^n WllUn Jr 
Bran-Ion Wllnon 
^ara Wllnon 

Cynthia Wilson 
Juslel Wilson 
Naya Wilson 
Saanlque Wilson 
Kelvin Wilson- Ibarra 

Ihrlstopnar Winston 
Ryan Wlnt 
Ryan Wisdom 
Samuel Wilson 
Colin Won^k 

Titus Woni5'<<: 
Jalayne Woods 
Kristin Woods 
Alan Woodson 
iiiarle Woodson 

Uarlln Woodson 
Uelonl Woodson 
David Wooten 
Jonathan Wooten 
Brittany Works 

Bradley Wright 
Chadwlck Wright 
Donald Wrl5ht 
Klmberlea Wrl5ht 
Iilarsha Wrl5ht 

Mlchal Wright 
Travis Wright 
Weybrlalle Wright 
Jonathan Wynn 
Oshalne Wyntar 

Dlontray Yokum 
Vlotor Xoung 
Smlllana Youta 
Banta Zaohlr 



To my fellow Sexiiors, 

By ±JcLG ±.±me. you. aare ar ea.d.ii::Lg" tJcijesG. WT-oircis, we may te close 
to marctiiTiig' acir oss -fciie aisle, 'yorj. coxolci l^e reaciijrLg- th.ii3 yeaarn 
after OTOjf g"2rac3.TaatioTi iremiTi-isciTijg" OTi. the past, oar e-vexi still 
JTOst If ead-iTijg- it lira tixe iDaatvseat of y ouur pareints cajr oin y OTOjr 
wray li.ome t>eciaTase yoTj. fbr-got to dxaarg-e youur ipod axid. it's 
lD&t±je.TC tlxaxi talhiiTijg- to yOTjjr aininoyiTig- little l^rothjer. 
Rjeg^arciless of tine Girciajmstainaes, it is ine^veir too ea:rly , or too 
late, to JTost sit t>ac>L axid reflect oti v\r]n.ere ^w^e caine f rom. 

Some of OTor first memories of Oal^TA^-ood. are w^tLein -v^e. came 
d-ownn. for Golleg-e Days! wAalKixig- into thie clnarcti slig-]ntly 
late iTi two colToziciins in OTor crisp v\rli.ite sw^eaters as toos of 
jealo-usy raixieci cio^wTn-_y oto. >ltiow^ w-lxat X th-iTxhi tlnat -was JTOst 
me. Some of oior first mjeimoiries of Oa>LTArooc3. w^ere arrJA^Tig" 
full of liope, to tnoilci TJipOTi OTor su.ccesses of li-ig-ti sclnool, or 
start anew^. 

Tlxe Ixorror stories pro^^eci to iTiac3.eq;Taately ciescrii>e tine 
process xv-liexi WAe too>L tine OaKwood rite of passag-e and. 
v^aited- in tine fixiancial aid line for lioxors. ^Reflect on. Ixoma you 
first met yo-ur friends. TTTnose tr-u.e friends wlio -^A^ere al-v\rays 
tlnere for yoio^ wlno yoia will introd-u.ce to yoior clxildren as 
XJncle and ATint "so and so". 

A/Tost importantly reflect on. liow God came tlnroxiglx in. 
tine clTotcli for yoxi time and tinne ag-ainl researcli. papers 
completed in a inatter of days, a random. sno^A^^ day v^lieTi. y o-u. 
Inad a test, and a litaxiy of otlner seeTYi±ng-ly impossxble tas>Ls 
tlnat He li.elped y oxi to accoxnplistL TTninh: of li.ov^ otot 
iTiterest and g-oals c]nang-ed cy\r&r tiine and as OTor class -verse 
states, "imany are tine plans in. a noans Keart, t>-u.t it is tine 
Xiord's pTorpose tlnat prevails." TtLixi>v on. ]noTA^ far XA^e Ixave 
traveled, froixi xmjmatTore fresluiaan., to sligKtly less 
immatTore seniors/ad-ults. So ^ArtL&rer^&r yo-u. are in. life, an.d yoia 
are readin.g- tlnis reflect on. "vxrlxere tine iord. lias t»ro-ug-lxt tos 
froirx for "we liave n-Otlnrmg- to fear, lest w-e forget v^hat o-ur 
God tias done in tine past" 

'FrederictL Xj. Keitln XT 



Unbelief. This is the one word that can 
accurately describe the sentiment of the 
Class of 201 1 during Senior Presentation. 
Looking around at ourselves in black 
robes, shuffling about taking pictures with 
friends, and murmuring in speculation 
about the placement of tassels, it felt very 
surreal. "It seemed like only yesterday..." 
was the cliche most associated with our 
smiles. Enthusiasm radiated throughout 
the corridor as we readied ourselves for 
the ceremony. 

However, simultaneously, the ceremony 
both created and warned us against our 
enthusiasm. Frederick Keith, our class 
President, pointed out that whether we've 
completed out studies in 4 years or "took 
the more scenic route," we have arrivedi 
at a long awaited moment in our lives. 
Urged to stand in our perspective fields in 
which we hope to receive a degree, we 
felt a sense of pride as friends smiled and 
snapped pictures. Jonathan Smith, our 
speaker, gave us a different perspective. 
Though we have almost completed this 
race, we have not finished yet. He 
admonished us to be diligent not only in 
our academics to complete our degree 
but in seeking God's purpose and plan in 
our lives. 

Our soon graduating class was left with 
inspiration reflected in our class scripture. 
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but 
it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." 
(Proverbs 19:21) Though we may be tired 
of classes, weary of lectures, and sick of 
tests, graduation is near. If we are diligent 
for just a little while longer, we can make 
it. We are almost there. 

Dara Gbolahan 




W ^ 3JS1 







ti^^WSWW? .^^ 

^£a^..^'^s^^ ^JVi^^ 






^Jran^ ^yiu-f^ 


/jasmine /Xnhe-fson 
dUzadeth l^aiUti 
/{niyen) 'Baldwin 

/Xmief 'fallen 
^le^ani 'Black 
^Daniel 'Beifnicn 

^meka 'Bu^^otig 

<£ni<> 'Bukehna 

/^uUel 'Bukemia 

/^ascn 'Bulgin 

/HeLenU CmLUhHcv 

'J^h\^annc daffinglcn 

TZ-^att Cephas 
'^alHcia Chafclable 

/HanueL Ccsnetcs 

Cifnt/tia 'DeLoa 
M)atine 'Dennis /^f 
"Danessa 'Diaiubeis 

Smanuel £.?wajf?s 

'^~Ceyesa fEiwafis 

'Delvin 'J-afHs 

/}ason C)aifn6ll 
'^'Cashauna ^fahaut 

/Helcnia ^faoes 
/HuhaeL C^taves 



/unbsi C^jiften 
JZulh Cyjuiness 
1>onaLb -HaU 
Shannon -H-aifiu 
^tutnnin •H.alcft 

cf W« -Hicks 
/H/^ifcia -Hinis 
^lefiftanie -Minis 

/}en3eL /}ack 
/PlaUoLht /^essuy) /}t 
Hevnuie Qesucal 
/Heni^ue /^ehnsen 

^hanleL /Qesefjli 
ICuLuLe ICenea 
ICaliska ICinq 
^~[^son tCniqkt 

/Q'/kiMee 4u)uis 
^skante' /-Mceinhe 
^Ic'fiken /Vlanic^s 

JZickai'i /IdaHin 
/Uanne /Hau^in 
JZebeH /Ha\^aka 
/Qac^ues /lihengue 
QUvia /Hhi^ifukiYa 

/Hcni^ue /Hc'J-ai^Lane 

JZesiccHk /HcLatitjklin 
Ch^UUne /HcfOiUi^ms 

Cji^elktl /UiUintjlen 
^tiiClU , Uillinijlfn 
C^tHllU , kiUktU 
T^kcnba /MiUkell 

t tJ2^ .— 


TZdeH /Ueete. ODD 

/Huhael /Hess 

/HickcLU /kela 

'Sfeania /Hulzac 

dmilie /^aoa^fc 
^vnsl /^UanCTfi 
/^eanelle /Vufse 

^"Z^Milcfic GuiclaU 

^haun 'paschal 

/^atnaaL '^CMbcHon 

Qkantel '~j)clcvs 

^MManueL 'phaeton 

/CiMbeflii '^ecnlef 
'Sf anion yZeUnsott 

ICevin ^ainl-iUe 

"J-afa ^a^ous 

ICcshia ^anicfs 


^Incai ^Imhtens 

T>cone ^Mith 
"JZa^can ^Mith 

'^fi^anl ^temaH 
^haifl ^l^acke* 

'^X-'^e.hanna ^Itangc 
/kUsha ^lyaifhefn 

/huhael ^tifatfhefn 

/hiUak ^~CJteeiev 

GUoia '^'CJiemas 

'^tl^el '^^JtOMas 

fCecha '^hofnlen 

tCeoin ~Oacclana 


^/ri4^i^' 4 ^^> 




' J f//'u/ . y/f/r/i'// 


. y//^///// . //cfr/iy 


y/f/y/irv ^^k////. 

''///•/. ///Ma 

J'l/ry>/ \ //My/Af-^^f 


Virginia Alexander 

John Anderson 

Karen Anderson 

Grace Arnold 

George Ashley 

Galiste Auguste 

Alberta Bailey 

Jared Ballance 

Patricia Barnes 

Jorge H Bartholomew 

Miriam Battles 

Finbar Benjamin 

David Blay 

Carole Booth 

Derek Bowe, Sr. 

Faye A Brathwaite 

Gloria Brooks 

Michelle Brown 

Theodore Brown, Sr. 

Francisco Burgos 

Marcia A Burnette 

Roberto Burton 

Tunisha Buttler 

Shawn Byrd 


lall L Caldwell 
James ^aliwell 
Lsa'n R "aliwell 
Caarene '^arrlnijt-oa 

Danlse ^artwrl^^'-.t 
Roengsak; ^art-wrli^' 
Laketla ^'aatman 
Dwyana ^ae-iiar 

Carlos D ^ola 
Alton Conwell 
Patrice T ^onwell 
Sabrlna Cotton 

Sherman H Cox Dalley 
Joseph Dalley 
Cecily Daly 

Patricia Stewart 


Denisa Y Davis 

Erie K Davis 

Oliver J Davis 

Pamela S Davis 
Isalora DaSou-'a 
Yvonne H Donatt. 
Sanitha Dou.^las 


Latonya Dukes 

Juliet Durant 

Lewis A Sakins 

Robert Sngram 

Ingrid Snniss 

Melody Fields 

Denise Finley 

April L Fortune 

Srlouse Francis 

Lorraine Frye 

Gherryl Galley 

Sylvia A Germany 

Lela Crooding 

David drandison 

Slaine Gray 

Lillian J Green 

Alfonzo Jr Greene 

Stephen Greg 

Jeneen Gresham 

Sthel M Griffin 

Safawo Gullo 
Terry Hamilton 
Makeda Hampton 

Ronay Hannah 


Melvln Harrl3 
Bobby Harrison 
Pamela Heary 
Jafi.e3 A Hill 

Joan Hill 
liartln Hoi.aet,t 

alalne Isaao 

S'lella Jaokson 
Simon Jacob 
Lisa James 
Sanlra S Jean 

Joseph Jerles 
Paulette Johnson 
Trevor Johnson 
Lewis Jones 

Roosevelt H Jones 
Habtalem Kenea 
Hellen Kessio 
Jaoheth Kessio 

Jun^Jun Kim 
Raymonl Kin. 5 
Kenneth Laihin5 
Henrietta Lathon 


Veronica Leftridge 

Janica Thomas Lewis 

Rise liOwery 

Florence Marchand 

Harold Massey 

Chuck May 

Charles Mayes 

Mukesha Mbuguje 

James Mbyirukira 

Jason McCracken 

Doris McCrary 

Tim McDonald 

Steven McWilliams 

Wilson Miles 

Carol Moore 

Elizabeth Mo sty 

Bernita Mosley 

Chaltu Nephtalem 

Janis Newborn 

Belita Newby 

Bernell Newman 

Paul D Nixon 

Philip Nixon 

Gilbert Okuro Ojwang 


I.Taao Olati.ijl, Jr, 
Daraya.T Patei 
Sonla PaiL 
iCerth Payne 

A-irlana Perera 
Ant'ioaye ?^r^Ari3 
Kezla Pallilp 
Jaaalie Pallilps 

Beverly Preston 
Benson Prl^^ 
Mo he lie Ramey 
Diane Ru^less 

Geoconia Ramirez 
Ootavlo Ranilre-' 
Don Rufus Ranatun^a 
Shaunda Roaoh 

Celestine Robinson 
Marjorle Robinson 
Sylvia Rochester 
Jamas Roily 

Heather Rolrl^uj 

Everett Roper 
Agnlel Samson 
i^arla Josa Loty 

Marilyn Schenck 

Londa L Schmidt 

Shirley Scott 

<j Russell Seay, Jr. 

Genet Selassie 

Giro Sepulveda 

Gcoria Sepulveda 

Howard Shaw 

Angerlita Yolanda 


Carl W Smith 

Joyce Smith 

Innelee Smith Winbush 

Marta Sovyanhadi 

Yoedono Sovyanhadi 

Cecil Spence 

Deon Spencer 

Maurice A Staples 

Ivy J Starks 

Barbara Stovall 

Cheryl D Sullivan 

Gherie Terrill 

Geraldine Thompson 

Saton Tomlin 

Woodrow Vaughn 

.... .- iJL. . 


Howari "ffean..T 
Reoana W".at,^ey 

Soiffia L Williams 
Joshua Williams 
Joy::3 Williams 
Lisa Williams 

Raohel Williams 


Cherl Wilson 

Jesse Wilson 

Paula Wilson 

Arlene Wimbley 
Sandra Winters 
SllTabeth Wright 
Rwanda Wynder 

Andrew Youn:5 
Tara L Youn.5 


(De^p Breath) I 
finishing this bdoj 

'got myself in to. I 
'before imagine t^^ 
tested. I feelj* 
sweat -pouringll^ 

:give up. Th^. 

'^amrbook as: 
of unending.! 
defeat. . Uy j 
didnVt. knaw':i 
fix every sit 
all- of my idei 
mentally, spii 
never knew exis i :: :■: 
■ I :don^ t r^ :; s; 

know .that regar p 
decision. God hfi,: ;. | 
I^Hi finally wc y:, ::;| 
keep sajitng 1^,^ 
Sod helped me^ 
helped me eV'^ 
helped me ! 1 
today,, is my \ 

To my beist 
You know"! oouldn^v ._„.,.,, 
prujers , and support-^: ::f;| 
work and all the laughs! 
TO God r Thanks for al^aj 
up on ffl8,. 'i 


)Ut W( 


ted S;, 
in ' t' 

th do| 
,jion. i m 
■ a. way \ to i^ 
ist« It^'mish. 

r to 8^H 

.; ,. " ' ;. '^^ 

•his position.-,! jur^-.„.^ 
.jningj/it was -the right 
;nce planned just for me« 
sing statement and all I 
,.us!" I can^t believe that 
/'didn^t deserve it. He 
't seek his face. He still 
ft^l grace. This book, 

.milys You are amazing!" 
Iq this without your help, 
my staffs Thanks for the hare 
I love- you guys! 
I being there and never giving 

Iiauren, Miolrielle Davis 
Sditor . 

Acorn Staff 2010-201 t 

Veronica Murphy 

Copy Editor 
Emeka Buf fong 


Reyhahn Granger 
Jasmine Anderson 
Meloni Woodson 
Matthew-Lee Morgan 
Lauren Davis 
Shianne Web 
Storm Lee 
Gregory Holloway 
Dave Remington 


Jasmine Reedus 
Kayla Rawlinson 
Mark Reid 


Nikki Lee 
Dara G-bolahan 
Amber Buchanan 

Always There to 


Alexandra Arnold 
Ghinyere English 
Raymond King 
Kamryn Bonds 
Monique Woodson 

Keshia Saunders 

j/e^W/ J^ 

'^^i^tiCif gvcai ^Hcnhs ave kavb ie ^Inh, ^L^^LcuU to leave. , anh iMfesslhle 
Ic ^ei^gei. " ^eme fjecftU mil cemc inie cui^ U^c ^ev seconds. Minutes, 
hetivs, daifs, Mcnlhs, t^eays ev eoen ^CYeoev, ^~Camsha tvas a ftei^scn tohe wenCb 

alfva^s 6e ikei^e ^ci^eoei^. ti)e ska^eb Man\f lau^ks, cHes, ay^umenis, 
disagj^eeMenis, seci^ets, sleHes, etc. t^^kcn toe ^Li^si met toe cLlckeb lnslaniL\i 
because toe leeve able le Lau^k at ainftkmg fust 6tf Ueking at It. t4^e ^veie tc 
unbei^stanh eack etkev se Muck ikat eoen in silence toe kneto exactl\f tokat tke 
etkey toas tklnklng. /Lcsing kev as a ^Henb toUl altoatfs 6e dl^^icuU but C^eh 
kab a flan tkat tee toei^en^t atoai^e e^. ID ai^ kafiffii tkat, toklie ske teas keve, 
toe toeye able te ska^e meiHcHes tkat toill last a U^etlMe. '^~[Jieye is yeallsf 

nctkinQ en tkis eaHk tkat is better tkan kaoing a tvue ^Henbskifj. /in? 

instead e^ l^^fl^g ^^l l^ ^^^^ ^^ be sab, ID toill smile because ID kneto, i^ ske 

toas keve, ske toeuCb kaoe tvanteb me te. ^ke toas leoeb bs^ inami anb ske 

teuckeb tke lives e^ Man\f stubents. ^ toill iniss kev. fi)e all toill Miss key. 

l^ut toe skall Meet again. ' ^eMe ^ee^le ceMe inte euy lives anb i^uicklsf ge. 

^eMe staif ^ey a tokile anb leave ^eetpyints en euy keayts. /4nb toitk tkat 

toe* ye nevey, evey tke saMe XCDcf l^U /VZ)^^// 

-Keiife "^ickeying 




^ ^/^^/^^(C/ >* 


an a 

fi)aif2)s cannot hegin to }lescHf>e kom Muck D mIU m'lss /^on-'^auL -He tvas Mcye like a Syolhey ik 
^HenT). Mdkcn D ^ivsl ^ol le tokal, was tkcn, QaktoooTi CotUge in ike ^aU c^ 2007, D joined) 
DiinaMic ']>i^acse (D^) Ckeiv. D^ ansi^na knew /Qcn-^aui, ike^i knew ikal ke LeoeT) to sing/ -He 
was also In Tfj) an}) ^mckL\f a^e'^le'b Me inle ike ^ol^. Unbeknownsl lo Me, ke was one 6^ ike 
in})iolbuals in ike ckoiy wko D wctil2) ^ofM a strong an? U^e-Lcng Sen? wilk. D veMeMhei^ wken 7)/) 
caMC le /kai^iiLan? (mi^ koMe slale), an? D Syeugkl /}ekn ^auL an? anelkev^ ^vien? lo slaif al Mif 
kouse. /till i^***''^l^H i^MMe?ialeL\i ^eU in Uoe wilk /)on J>atii an? look kiM in as fiaH o^ ony ^aMclif. 
'^keif woul? o^len call an? wvile kiM on ^acebook jusl lo see kow ke was ?oing. /^on-J)aiil ka? ikal 
kin? o^ LM'^acl on eoe^iione ke caMe inlo conlacl wilk. Once t^oti Mel kiM, it hecaMe le^nUvf kay? to 
iovget kiM. /)on-^aiil was, an? will alwa^is, he neaif an? ?eai^ to m^ keaH. -He was one o(, ike 
f}eof/le at Oakwoo? Unioeysitt^ wko D couQ lyulif call a fyien? an? a hyotkev; D will Miss kiM 
?eaHif.' -/Balkan T^yew 

/Jon-J)atil an? D hecaMe ^Hen?s instantlti ?iiHng mi^ fveskMan ^eaf al Tfp au?ilions. D feMeMhcf 
tkinking ke ka? one of ike mosI Seautiftil singing voices D kaoe eoey keav?. K)e slaHe? lo kang cut 
all ike liMe an? soon becaMe best fyien?s. /}on-J>aul ka? a keaH of got? an? was alwaifs willing lo 
keif otkets. -He was always tke^e foy Me an? was m^ fyien? yegay?Uss of wkal kaf'fene?. -His jokes 
couQ ^iiickl\i turn a ba? ?aii avoun?. M)e spent countless afternoons just Laugking wilk eack olker. 
-He kas tatigkl Me, tkvougk kis life an? kis ?eatk, to alwaifs be true to M^iself an? (yjo? an? neoey 
forget wko looes Me an? wko ?ie? so ikal D can kaoe eternal life. D will Miss kiM greatly but now D 
kaoe soMelking to look forwar? to along wilk eternal life, an? tkal is lo see kiM again in ike earth 
Ma?e new wkere we will be able lo sing an? joke an? laugk togetker for an eternity. D Miss kiM 
?earlii, but D can't wail for tkal great ?aif wken ike Lor? will comc lo lake us koMe so tkal iJ can 
see Mil ^^^^ fflen? again/ -'Vanessa 'Hu?son 


The 201 1 Acorn, Volume 58, was published by the United Student Movement at 
Oakwood University and printed by Walsworth Publishing Company. 


Copy Count: 1400 
Page Count: 224 
Size: 7 3/4 X 10 1/2 













Student Portraits taken by Jeff White 
Photographer, Huntsville, AL. 
All other photographs were taken by 
Oakwood University Acorn staff 


The 201 1 Acorn was produced using 
Walsworth's Online Design on various 

The Acorn is a student pubUcation that is the the official yearbook of Oakwood 
University. The editorial content does not necessarily reflect the views and stance of 
the university. 

Acorn Yearbook 
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224 Copyright 201 1, the Acorn Staff, USM and Oakwood University. All rights reserved. 


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